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Window shutters and blinds have existed for a number of decades now and come a very long way in terms of style, design, function and strength. There are a number of different blinds out there that for different purposes so I thought I would list them and describe their uses to provide a clearer understanding for the consumer. Obviously a given is that they are a covering for windows and are for the interior of a home / property. The reason for writing this is that it needs to be understood that blinds are now a big part of interior design and only some will work in certain surroundings.

So let’s start with the different type of window shutters / blinds out there:

Venetian Blinds

These are horizontal and built using wood, plastic or bendable steel. Each slat as such is suspended over each other using cloth, tape or cord and a great advantage over this is the lighting control it can provide for a room as the slats can be rotated a to 180 degrees.

Mini Blinds

These are basically venetian blinds but smaller i.e. narrow slats and tend to come in more bendable steel styles.

Faux or Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds are made from PVC, however they can be styled by using embossing, which is then called faux wooden blinds. These are very strong and easy to clean, however be aware when used on large windows they will bow.

Composite Blinds

These are strong, however not highly recommended as the finish tends to be a poor plastic look.

Wooden Blinds

The same principal as Venetian blinds but completely built out of wood for a great finish they are varnished and have a long life period. There are wooden blinds available to suit all kinds of budgets out there big or small. One consideration here is that moisture can easily warp wooden blinds.

Vertical Blinds

As it says these blinds are held vertically and can rotate 180 degrees. Also the blinds can be drawn to one side of the window with a pulley cord.

So now you know the different types of blinds out there but did you know that they all have generic set of advantages. For example blinds can go towards helping insulate your house and cut down on energy bills. In addition that they add style, beauty and function to a home / property interior. Your home interior design could easily be increased.

Blinds are very easy to maintain with most just needing a wipe down with a duster cloth. This feature alone make them more appealing than the traditional look of curtains as they have to be machined washed or dry cleaned depending on the curtains. Blinds can be used in commercial instances but it is more advisable to use roller or vertical blinds due to the space saving, light control and enhanced decor features that they provide. Ensure when measuring up for blinds you are absolutely careful in you details and process. It is advisable measure, measure and measure again until you are confident they are correct as it can become expensive to rectify any issues later on.

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Type of Blinds Available

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This article was published on 2010/10/23