The Divine Illumination Of Wall And Floor Lights

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Be it my office, any one else's residence I visit ,whichever the place may be, it is an in-built mechanism in me that has made it 'mandatory' to switch off lights when not in use. This further reminds me of a habit inculcated by my son at his boarding school where all the students irrespective of the age/class had to pick up their own glasses and plate on finishing their lunch in the school mess. The habit certainly had far-reaching effects,sometimes increasing my gratification,at other times leading to embarrassing moments as in restaurants,my son, as-a-matter-of-habit,would start clearing the soup bowls and glasses.

I received an invitation from one of my friends whose husband,an automobile engineer, was opening his own showroom of cars. Since my son is immensely interested in all the latest models of cars, he was all the more fascinated at the thought of visiting a cars' showroom at leisure.

As soon as we entered the showroom, we had a warm welcome by the host and his wife. My son and I were awed at the 'divine illumination' of the showroom that dazzled with the rich and expensive looking cars. It was with an impish grin that my son reminded me not to go and start switching off the gorgeous and ethnic looking wall lights and floor lamps. When I started praising the elucidated brightness, ignoring the energy- wastage- part; my friend poured out all the details of having had the services of 'one-of-the-most-reputed interior designers', of the city. Obviously it was he who had emphasized the use of adequate wall lights and floor lamps that would enhance the aesthetics of the interior of the showroom.

We all marveled at the contribution an interior designer could make. It is certainly a profession where an efficient interior designer needs to be creative and multifaceted. It was not only the choice of the wall lights and floor lamps that mattered, it was the positions at which they were placed that left a mesmerizing effect, alongwith the aromatic candles that added to the decor .

It is an aesthetic sense that matters in an individual, which also enables him to look at the various aspects of life from a different perspective. It also generates the feeling of positivism in him thereby adding values to his belief system. Try out lighting from Flos.
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The good interior decoration and illumination is definitely incomplete without the wall lights and the floor lamps.

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The Divine Illumination Of Wall And Floor Lights

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This article was published on 2011/04/14